Food Gathering

Food Gathering was established in 1990 and owned back then few home grown concepts like Al-Tazaj. Few years back when Mr. Mohamad Al Khereiji took over the management and recruited a team of experienced personnel and brought to the Kingdom high end international concepts.

Our Restaurants

Scalini refined cuisine and service aimsto lavish your dining experience with esquisite moments.

Asador de Aranda bases its business model on its first restaurant opened in 1960, pioneer in the cooking field and specialized in Spanish cuisine. The core idea is transmitting the heritage of natural flavors and the quality of raw materials, sush as roast lamb baked clay.

Creating a fusion between the authenticity of the traditional and the sincerity of the present, keeping the strongholds of our Lebanese culture while reflecting on our reality

I can hear my mom singing in the kitchen adding a dash of love and sprinkle of her tenderness into every recipe while she cooks our favorite healthy meals. The sweet smell of reassurance that I am about to savor one of my finest mom’s recipes.

Our secret for an Italian gelato par excellence: To always choose the highest quality ingrédients To source them from where they are at their best – a registered designation of origin (AOC) wherever possible To only use fresh whole milk and fruit picked only once truly ripe To never add anything artificial and fully appreciate Mother Nature’s true flavours.

Al-Tazaj, is a well-known Saudi popular chicken restaurant, we own franchise of Al-Tazaj in Riyadh (Al-Mourouj Branch), in Tabuk and in Al-Jouf. The best Chicken concept in Saudi Arabia, with over 46 Units around the Kingdom, it is still the first destination for fast and healthy meal.

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